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French Made Hairclip "Second chance"
Well made
Comfortable hair barrette for medium thickness hairs
Apr 20, 2019
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French Made Metal-Free Hairclips "Baltic gold"
Great hair clip
Liked the quality and no metal parts on it, cause i carry allergy to nickel
Apr 20, 2019
0 1 2 3 4
Cabana cover LT40X40S2
Looks even better than in a picture
Great elastic and Swarovski in hair looks even better than on the picture, will buy again soon black ...
Apr 19, 2019
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Lithuanian made hair snap "Blue, I love you!"
San Diego, usa
Beautiful navy hair snap, received 2 times faster than expected, good communication
Apr 19, 2019
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Lithuanian Made Snap "Purple Orchid, I love you!"
From Miami, USA
Perfect pink color for summer, good quality hair snap, exactly as in the picture, will buy again
Apr 19, 2019
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Oct 17, 2017
Kosmart : bijoux per i capelli!
Kosmart : bijoux per capelli, un tocco glam per ogni hairstyle , con la nuova collezione realizzata in [...]
Oct 11, 2017
Hair Accessories Kosmart
Ciao ragazzeOggi voglio presentarvi un nuovo brand ed alcuni prodotti ricevuti!
Oct 11, 2017
Buona sera e buon inizio Ottobre a tutti!
Buona sera e buon inizio Ottobre a tutti!
Oct 11, 2017
Kosmart: beauty in the details!
Bentornati sul mio blog....
Sep 4, 2017

Luxury hand-made line

High quality hair accessories, carefully handmaded in France and Lithuania. Feel the pleasure and comfort with Kosmart. KOSMART have a two production lines - one of which is mass production of high quality, but machine made items, and the other direction is completely hand made fashion and hair accessories made of bio-plastic - acetate. This is what we call "luxury" line. Each item from hand made luxury line is hand bended, hand polished to perfection. The bio-plastic material that we use is made of up to 95 % natural ingredients like wood and cotton - it helps to reduce the polution, because such material can be easily decomposed. 

When you touch hand made hair jewelry, you will feel the soft and silky finish, that is similar to well polished wood. These kind of hair accessories have not only functional purpose - to keep your hair well, but it is a jewelry of its kind. 

Not to mention that in luxury lines we use only authentic and genuine Swarovski(R) crystals with certificates that comes with a products. From the year of 2019 we have made another step into luxury segment and we started creating new lines with Genuine Zirconia stones as well as natural earth Rubies, Sapphires and other Gemstones. This made KOSMART(R) one of the most luxury brands in its segment.

As we are the manufacturer of our fashion accessories, we also accept custom product orders for your special occasion like weddings. We are able to create unique custom hair jewelry piece only for you with the shape, color, crystals or gemstones by your own choice.