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French Made Hairclip "Second chance"
Well made
Comfortable hair barrette for medium thickness hairs
Apr 20, 2019
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French Made Metal-Free Hairclips "Baltic gold"
Great hair clip
Liked the quality and no metal parts on it, cause i carry allergy to nickel
Apr 20, 2019
0 1 2 3 4
Cabana cover LT40X40S2
Looks even better than in a picture
Great elastic and Swarovski in hair looks even better than on the picture, will buy again soon black ...
Apr 19, 2019
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Lithuanian made hair snap "Blue, I love you!"
San Diego, usa
Beautiful navy hair snap, received 2 times faster than expected, good communication
Apr 19, 2019
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Lithuanian Made Snap "Purple Orchid, I love you!"
From Miami, USA
Perfect pink color for summer, good quality hair snap, exactly as in the picture, will buy again
Apr 19, 2019
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Buona sera e buon inizio Ottobre a tutti!
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Sep 4, 2017

Skin friendly rings

Kosmart Skin Friendly Jewellery is another huge step in Kosmart Fashion world. We always try to hear what Kosmart brand lowers tell us from all over the world and Skin Friendly line was a natural response to our bellowed fans.

Classical, yet modern style of Kosmart Skin Friendly rings was developed in the sense that it would perfectly fit with the Hair Jewellery lines that are already introduced. 

More and more people already have or develop allergies to a broad variety of metals, thus all range of rings are made of the same Bio – Plastic material - made of cotton and wood.  The Bio Plastic that we use for Skin Friendly Jewellery and accessories were extensively tested with help of medical professionals, who concluded that our material can officially be considered non-irritating and non skin sensitizing.  Our Bio – Plastic is also made with up to 98 % of natural ingredients, thus its decomposition process is much shorter than other kind of plastic materials

All rings are hand made exclusively in Europe. It goes through a number of processes until they are finished, including hand polishing of each piece – so that it would feel extremely comfortable on your finger. 

All rings are made only with authentic Swarovski® crystals and they include a Swarovski® seal with unique digital number to confirm that.

All Skin Friendly rings come in 4 sizes: XS – inner diameter is 16 mm., S – inner diameter is 17 mm., M – inner diameter is 18 mm., L – inner diameter is 19 mm. – so that you could choose a perfect size for you.